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Honda J-series (Gen 1) to Subaru EJ transmission

Honda J-series (Gen 1) to Subaru EJ transmission

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Looking to get big, cheap, reliable and easy power in your Subaru? Are you as sick of spinning rod bearings and broken ring lands as we are?!?
Performance adapters introduces the perfect solution! 
Ditch your flat 4 and replace it with a Honda V6. Not only will you have Honda reliability but you'll be able to make bigger power much easier than you would with that old EJ. 

  We do make this kit for the NON-STI transmissions. The flywheel is different than the STI please double check your selection. However, the XT/WRX transmissions are not recommended for anything beyond stock HP. As many of you have heard the XT/WRX transmissions "are made of glass." This isn't exactly true. What is true is that these transmissions lack the case bracing like the STI transmissions. So, when the XT/WRX transmission is subjected to shock loads (launches or burnouts) the case flexes and binds the center diff and destroys the whole transmission. SO, using a K-series with that XT/WRX transmission please consider all future goals/plans. If you do end up buying an STI driveline in the future we do offer just the flywheels. (please call to order)

What makes this kit so great is that we do not use a crank spacer/adapter eliminating a potential failure point. Our flywheel will bolt directly to the J-series crank with using OEM crank bolts provided in the kit. Secondly we have designed this kit to work with either a single disc OEM style clutch or if you're shooting for a moon tune and need some extra holding power a 7.25" multi disc clutch (Competition Clutch or Action Clutch). Since the J-Series didn't have an engine mounted started we have made the flywheel work with the original Subaru starter as well. 
Also included in your kit is two sub-frame spacers helping to give the engine clearance and minimally impacting suspension angles. This also helps to keep the engine lower in the bay.    
We have also incorporated mounting holes on the outside of the adapter plates giving you the option to use the adapter plate as a mid-plate. With the three 12mm clearance holes you will have plenty of options and plenty of strength for your application. 
Lastly, our flywheel is designed to be re-built if needed. Instead of resurfacing the old face we will sell you a replacement. Swapping them takes roughly 30 minutes with the flywheel out and proper tools.

What's included in the kit:
Adapter Plate
Sub-frame Spacers
Flywheel fully assembled with pilot bearing 
Hardware kit to bolt everything together

What you need:
Honda J30, J32 or J35
Subaru EJ STI Transmission. 

Kyle Wade's (BoostedBoiz) J-series swapped STI

Check out Arthur's YouTube channel with his J-Series Swapped STI using our adapter kit.

Performance Adapters is not responsible for return shipping. Additional return information can be found in our policy pages. If you have any additional questions please contact by call, text or email.

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