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Chevrolet 216 / 235 / 261 Inline 6 to Chevrolet V8 automatic Transmission

Chevrolet 216 / 235 / 261 Inline 6 to Chevrolet V8 automatic Transmission

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Our latest product caters to another classic engine: the General Motors Second Generation Inline 6 engines 216/235/261. These engines, which were manufactured from 1937 to 1962, found their place in nearly all Chevrolet and GM platforms. We hold the opinion that the I6 engines are among the best sounding classic engines and were known for their unwavering reliability and steadfast work ethic.

What does this mean? It means they deserve better treatment than being discarded for an LS engine swap. Instead, we propose upgrading these classics with a modern transmission, allowing them to continue their legacy and enabling you to enjoy comfortable highway drives.

Our solution comes in the form of a one-piece 6061 billet aluminum adapter plate, offering a simple and straightforward upgrade that can be installed with just a handful of bolts. Our provided starter bolts directly into the adapter plate, occupying the same position as the original Chevy V8 starter boss. This ensures that no cutting or grinding of any bellhousing material is required during installation.

Additionally, we include a custom pre-welded flexplate designed to bolt directly onto the OEM crankshaft. This flexplate is specifically engineered to work seamlessly with a 3-pad 10.75" or 11.50" torque converter, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.

In summary, our adapter plate and custom flexplate offer a hassle-free solution for upgrading your classic General Motors Inline 6 engine with a modern transmission, preserving its heritage while enhancing its drivability and performance on the road.

We also offer packages with a US Shift transmission Computer. This is needed if you're planning on using a more modern 4 speed transmission. When purchased with our kit you will receive a package discount off $100. 

Military & First Responder discounts are also available. Please contact for more information. These kits need to be built specifically to your individual needs.


Kit items included:
1ea - Adapter plate
1ea - Starter
1ea - Flexplate
1ea - Hardware kit 

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