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Ford 429/460 & 351M/400 to Modular(6R80) Automatic or Small Block Ford Transmission

Ford 429/460 & 351M/400 to Modular(6R80) Automatic or Small Block Ford Transmission

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 429/460 Ford Big Block & 351M/400 to Ford Modular V8 & Ford Small Block transmission adapter.

Kit Components:
1ea - Adapter Plate
1ea - Crank Spacer
2ea - Dowel Pins
1ea - Dust/Inspection Cover
1ea - High Torque Mini Starter
1ea - Hardware Kit

Our BBF to Modular kit will transform your Ford with many advantages over other options currently available on the market. Making us the King of the BBF adapters. The first thing you will notice is the price. 

- Our kit is only 1" thick and made from 6061 Billet Aluminum. This gives you more room in your engine bay and helps to limit fire wall modifications 
- We do not utilize a BIG, Heavy & EXPENSIVE torque converter spacer. This means a number of things; our kit is significantly cheaper and we do not sacrifice performance of your build. Rather we use a simple crank spacer which retains your OEM C6 14.25" flexplate. no need to worry about if your engine needs to have a different external balance weight. Will not work with the 157 tooth flexplate.

- By utilizing a simple crank spacer our kit eliminates the need for additional hardware. This reduces failure points. We provide a slightly longer grade 8+ 7/16-20 bolts that thread into your crank and are tightened to factory specs.

- This kit also uses an off the shelf Starter. It means it is common and easy to acquire and no need to worry about going on a trip and getting stranded. This will save you possibly hundreds of dollars if this part needs replacement. 

- Our kit is designed to require no modifications of your bellhousing. The starter sits inside the modular starter boss keeping things simpler and easier to install.

 - Lastly, our kit is dual patterned for either a Small Block Ford (truck bellhousing) or the Ford Modular V8 bellhousing. This gives you an abundance of transmission options not least the ever popular 6R80. Eventually can be used with the 10R80 (once there is a controller is available.) If you are using and older Modular transmission (4R70) it will need to be from a truck. The newer Modular bellhousings use the bigger 14.25" flexplates. If you have questions about this please feel free to contact us. 


We also have an option with a US Shift Quick 6 Or Quick 4 stand alone computer. When you purchase our kit and Controller together you will receive a $125 dollar discount off of our adapter kit. 




Performance Adapters is not responsible for return shipping. Additional return information can be found in our policy pages. If you have any additional questions please contact us call, text or email.

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