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Custom designed Transmission adapter

Custom designed Transmission adapter

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Performance Adapters is here to help you. We'll make you a custom designed transmission adapter for your project vehicle. Performance Adapters does have numerous engines & transmissions on hand to adapt your engine or transmission with. However, depending on rarity availability there are instances when other arrangements may need to be made.

Using our proprietary design process we'll make a one-off engine to transmission adapter for you. Once completed, we will send you everything to get it installed in your project to get you back up and running. We work with you during the whole process to ensure that we will not run into packaging constraints of your vehicle or other unforeseen issues. Lastly, if you need Performance Adapters will make you engine and transmission mounts to make everything that much easier. 

This cost represents a deposit towards your custom made transmission adapter and does not reflect a final price. Due to variations in each project the final cost will be vary. Budgets and timelines are also kept in mind and we try to accomplish your goals with a fast and cost effective solution. 

Please reach out to us if there is a project you have in mind we'd love to help make this a reality.

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