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Chevy LS1/2/3 To Ford Modular (6R80) Or Small Block Ford Automatic

Chevy LS1/2/3 To Ford Modular (6R80) Or Small Block Ford Automatic

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This kit is for connecting an LS1/2/3 engine to any Ford Small Block or Modular (6R80) automatic transmission. By using this kit, you can easily swap out your existing Ford engine for an LS engine while retaining your original OEM driveline setup. 

While primarily designed for LS1/2/3 engines, it may also be compatible with other GM engines, although the crank spacer included in the kit is specifically sized for the 6 bolt, 79mm Bolt Circle crank. If you require compatibility with different GM engines, custom options are available upon request, though currently, the kit is tailored for LS1/2/3 cranks.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the adapter plate is crafted from 6061 Billet aluminum and measures 1" thick. It is contoured to fit the engine and transmission interfaces as closely as possible, ensuring a seamless connection. The crank spacer/adapter is made from 1018 Steel, providing both strength and precision without compromising on durability.

Efforts have been made to minimize the addition of rotating mass and keep the adapter's length as minimal as possible to prevent interference. The starter is mounted directly onto the adapter plate and is designed to snugly fit into the Small Block Ford (SBF) & Modular starter boss. However, depending on the specific transmission used, minor material removal may be necessary to ensure proper clearance.

In summary, this kit offers a reliable and precise solution for mating an LS1/2/3 engine to a Modular or Ford Small Block automatic transmission, allowing for a smooth engine swap while maintaining the integrity of your original driveline setup.

Kit Components:
1ea - Adapter Plate
1ea - Crank Spacer
1ea - High Torque Mini Starter
1ea - Hardware Kit


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